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Email For Suggestions/Business :Contact@Melaninterest.com

Welcome to Melaninterest! 

Melaninterest was created in order to serve our culture online. In today’s day and age, most technology apps have algorithms that do not serve our community. Usually in searches, you have to add “black girl“ and even then the results are underwhelming.  We have a solution for that. 

Melaninterest’s purpose is to create an online directory that allows melaninated  individuals a way to easily find content that serves them.

How can you help?

On our site, you can upload images/videos directly or you can import content from YouTube or Blog Sites.

Share the content you find on Melaninterest on Facebook,Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Posting the best melanated content you find on the internet. If you find a great recipe, hair style, makeup tutorial, etc then post it!

Reach out to black influencers to let them know Melaninterest exists. 

Email For Suggestions/Business : Contact@Melaninterest.com